1. First, go to the ‘Exchange’ section which will be shown in the main menu of the app.

  1. Press the ‘Exchange now’ button.

  1. In the left column, you should choose the wallet you are going to exchange from and enter the amount.

  1. In the right column, choose the wallet you are going to exchange to and then you can see the amount you are going to receive.

  1. In between, you can see the conversion rate for the currencies you chose.

  1. Then press ‘Start exchanging’ and wait for the exchanging to proceed.

  2. You will see the next window with the fixed amount, press the ‘Send” button

  1. Then you will see the confirmation window where you can find the address of your transaction. Here you can choose the fee. Press the ‘Confirm’ button. 

  1. Enter your password and press ‘Unlock’.

  1. You can check the status of your exchange in the ‘Exchange’ section.

The process will take up to 1 hour.